ESG Solutions

(Environmental, Social, & Governance)

What is Environmental, Social & Governance?

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Team assists organizations with optimizing ESG performance, reducing carbon footprints, building strong Safety Cultures, and improving bottom-line profitability; all of which go hand-in-hand towards Operational Excellence. ESG considerations for organizations are growing exponentially and are driven by wider stakeholder awareness, climate change, new regulations, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, increasing competition, and growing investor expectations. We have the skill to help you navigate this.

Our services are diverse and supported by experts within their individual fields of practice.

ESG refers to the environmental, social and governance factors that can impact the long-term sustainability and positive impact of an organization.

National Safety - Workers having a meeting about ESG

Our Proven Experience

National Safety has assisted a wide variety of organizations with improving their ESG profile, ranging from Fortune 500s to innovative start-ups. 


McKinsey Research found that an effective ESG strategy can improve operating profits by as much as 60%


Deloitte found the ESG-mandated assets could make up half of all professionally managed investments by 2025 ($35 trillion)


According to KPMG, 71% of CEOs believe it is their personal responsibility to ensure that the organization's ESG policies reflect the values of their customers

Industry Challenges

ESG is growing exponentially and driven by wider stakeholder awareness, new standards, increasing competition, and growing investor expectations. The integration of ESG factors into business operations is now mainstream. Stakeholders at all levels are depending on credible ESG information. Organizations must create ESG strategies to benefit people, the environment and financial performance. 

Our Solutions

ESG Impacts the long-term sustainability and positive impact of an organization. National Safety assists organizations with optimizing ESG performance, building strong safety cultures and improving bottom-line profitability. 


Environmental management, emissions, carbon footprint, and biodiversity.


OH&S, labour practices, employee wellness, workforce engagement and inclusion, supply chain and contactor management.


Company leadership, risk management, diversity, ethics, integrated management systems and positive impact.

The Benefits