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Workplace Harassment Training Program

This professionally developed and delivered training will educate and inform workers about bullying and harassment in the workplace. Our Harassment Training Program will help your organization be exceptional by improving culture and mental health. It will help establish workplace expectations and mitigate legal liability.  

Topics Covered

  • What is bullying and harassment and what types are there?
  • What isn’t harassment?
  • Why does harassment occur?
  • How does it affect the workplace culture and personnel?
  • What are employer responsibilities and legal obligations?
  • What are Primary and Secondary Controls for bullying and harassment?
  • How to ensure success and have a respectful workplace.

Training Options

Leadership & Managers

Full version suitable for Management, Human Resources, and Health & Safety Professionals (approx. 60 mins).

Personnel, Vendors, Contractors

Short version suitable for general workforce (approx. 30 mins).


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