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Our services are diverse and supported by
experts within their individual fields of practice.

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Team assists organizations with optimizing ESG performance, reducing carbon footprints, building strong Safety Cultures, and improving bottom-line profitability; all of which go hand-in-hand towards Operational Excellence. ESG considerations for organizations are growing exponentially and are driven by wider stakeholder awareness, climate change, new regulations, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, increasing competition, and growing investor expectations. We have the skill to help you navigate this.

ESG refers to the environmental, social and governance factors that can impact the long-term sustainability and positive impact of an organization.

Investigation Unit

Our elite Investigation Unit is operated by highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge. We are ready to help you navigate the challenges of examining serious incidents, fatalities, and allegations of harassment. Our Investigative Unit works alongside the client’s executive, operations management, frontline employees, third party law firms, and other professionals to oversee the collection, analysis and reporting on the evidence related to alleged improprieties by companies, or their personnel, including officers, or directors.

As part of our investigation services, the Fast Incident Response Services Team (F.I.R.S.T.) is able to respond to any workplace on behalf of the client to conduct a thorough, privileged, and confidential incident investigation.

Occupational Hygiene

National Safety can help you address your hygiene needs with Certified Occupational & Industrial Hygienists and highly trained hygiene technicians. We can help you quickly get off the starting blocks proactively with custom-tailored Assessment and Audit Tools, and, where required, can help you to conduct assessments and quantify measurable results.

Our team of industry leaders can effectively address asbestos, mold, and hazardous materials through timely and cost-effective assessments, sampling and other turnkey health and safety services that meet your needs.

Emergency Management Services

The Emergency Management Services Unit assists clients on implementation, management, training and compliance for standard requirements related to emergency response preparedness.  Besides the major benefit of providing guidance during an emergency, proper inputs in developing the plan, executing the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and supporting the required training standards for the ERP are just some of our areas of specialty. Emergency response planning is critical for regulatory compliance and the protection of assets and people.

We understand that any deficiencies in emergency management systems can lead to severe losses such as multiple casualties and possible financial collapse of the organization.

Integrated Management Systems

The Integrated Management Systems (IMS) business unit’s focus is to help organizations develop, or improve, the documentation that defines their business and operational processes The IMS team is well versed in a broad spectrum of management system requirements (e.g., quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, energy and asset management) and can develop, revise or implement based on our client’s requirements. In addition to governance documentation development, digital solutions may also be identified and incorporated into implementation/improvement plans.

Management systems are the foundation of compliant, responsible, and profitable organizations. The evolution from siloed to integrated management systems drives operational excellence and results.


Our Training Business Unit offers expertly designed and delivered courses about important topics in the areas of health, safety, wellness, and leadership. We offer current and professionally produced courses, facilitated by industry leaders and specialists. Our courses are offered in several formats, to meet the needs of any end user. Our training platforms include on-demand, live virtual and in-person learning. We offer Master Series courses (1-16 hours) that take a deeper dive into critical topics or skills and Micro Courses (2-30 mins) that organizations can use to supplement larger organizational campaigns or safety meetings.

We also custom create courses for organizations. This may include courses we already offer that are customized to your organization or custom content created just for you.


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